Down in a Hole

An amazing dive today at The Blue Hole, a perfectly circular sinkhole down in heavy blue depths. The walls were full of bright red-banded shrimp, and the center was full of sharks. They circled and whirled, swimming by to eye us with their usual impartial gaze. Exiting the hole, we found a blunt-headed, spotted nurse shark resting on the sand, his gills slowly pulsating as he swiveled his eyes to stare at us. When I came too close, he turned his head with a lazy, resigned air, like a tired dog being spoken to by name. There was a sea turtle as well, paddling peacefully by, flanked by remoras. We had to come up too soon- the hole was deep and we were running out of air.

We pull into Nassau today. One more dive… I’ve been having work nightmares every night. Not that work is a nightmare, but it is my main source of anxiety and stress. I chose a stressful job, and it’s never boring, but psychiatry is a discipline where there is never one right answers. There might be forty, there might be none. It makes it fascinating, but some days I wish I could just follow a flowchart and be done with it.

I just got a contract in Hungary (back on email), which has be fairly thrilled. I love the thought of GTD being published in other languages- Portuguese, and now Hungarian. People in Hungary will read my words, but they won’t be my words, they will be in a language I cannot speak.

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